Use my flowchart.

It really is that easy.

When I say, “it really is that easy,” I’m not saying this will work every time or with every girl. Anyone who tells you there’s some magic formula like that is lying or doesn’t understand people. Tinder is a numbers game. Using this method will help you quickly¬†go through a lot of matches to get results.

Some people will never respond to the first message. Doesn’t matter. Keep swiping and keep trying. Maybe you swipe 100 girls, match 4, 2 reply, 1 gives you her number. Perfect. Do it all again.

Notice that this whole flowchart is only a few messages. That’s all it should take. A guy at a bar I bounce at on the weekends showed me one of his tinder conversations and asked for advice. He scrolled through a million messages. I didn’t even try to read it, I just told him to ask for her number. Guys make excuses about how the time isn’t right or this or that. Doesn’t matter. Just ask. It doesn’t matter if she says no. This isn’t like asking out a girl you work with. You (probably) never have to see her again. And the beauty of tinder is that there are a hundred more girls behind her!¬†So don’t worry.

Some explanation of the flowchart: you don’t need to lie to women. You can adapt this to fit you (i.e.: job answer), but follow the basic flow of the conversation. If you have a cool or respectable job, you might direct the conversation that way. If not, don’t feel like you have to. They don’t always ask. After you ask them what they do for fun, most of the time they ask you what you do for fun. The only part you may want to lie on is this answer. Notice that mine mentions graffiti. This generates a lot of interest. Feel free to say this, but don’t actually start doing graffiti, we have enough noobs trying to write.

You can maximize results by working out and dieting. I don’t understand why guys think girls don’t/shouldn’t care about looks. Haven’t you heard women talk about how hot actors or other famous people they don’t know are?


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