SIF: Secret Internet Fatty

From my tinder experience, myspace angles are a thing of the past. I’ve never had a girl try to trick me into thinking she was skinny and a fat girl shows up. I have fucked fat girls off of Tinder. Some of them were pretty cool. None of them tried to deceive me about their appearance. One even wrote in her profile, make sure you know which one I am in the pictures so you’re not disappointed.

I think that maybe girls on Tinder would prefer to meet up with¬†someone who wants to meet them¬†than go on a pointless date with someone who doesn’t want to be there.

I’ve even had girls who looked better in person than their pictures. While girls don’t seem to be hiding their body type, there is a catch. Older women do try to hide their age. They’ll put up pictures of them from a few years ago or they’ll use snapchat filters.


For the record, I would totally fuck the girl from the right side of the picture above.


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