Keep it simple. Put up a few pictures, name, and age. No selfies.

Conventional Tinder profile advice will tell you to include things like a picture of you in a suit, your job if it makes a lot of money, and an interesting and funny profile. Those things are good if you want to pay for things for a girl or entertain her. If you want to get laid on tinder, do what I suggest. When a girl swipes right on a few pictures of you and a one-line bio, you know what she’s interested in you for – and it’s not your money or personality.

You may get fewer matches, but they will be more likely to want to hook up with you. In this case, less is more.

Its the same reason I do this instead of stupid cheesy pickup lines. Tinder is perfect for me because, in real life, I’m just so funny and charming it’s hard to tell if a girl wants me to fuck her or if she’s simply entertained by me.


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