Your shitty car. I’ve done the hotel thing, gets expensive. I’ve fucked girls at my house when no one was home, but that’s not always the case, and my mother is a hoarder.

How do you convince girls to have sex in your car?

I don’t really. I kiss them and if they seem into it i walk with them to my car. They get in, say where are we going, I say somewhere to smooch you more, drive to a parking lot, and fuck them.

How do you fuck in a car?

I think that in a normal sedan, like my shitty 15 year old Kia, the front seat is better than the back seat. Recline both seats while you’re making out and undressing. Get on top of her on her side where there’s no steering wheel. Have her scoot as far back as possible; her head will be off the seat. Fuck her like this for a while. Have her turn over and put one knee on each of the reclined seats, facing the rear of the car (make sure your parking break is off if it’s the between the seats kind). Fuck her doggy in this position. In an SUV try the back seat.

That’s pretty much it. I’ve had some good sex in cars. I’ve even tied up/handcuffed girls, but that’s risky if you have to get dressed quickly.

It can be a hard sell. Usually young girls (18-23) will be up for it. Older than that they may be turned off by fucking in a car. That doesn’t mean don’t try. If the girl also lives with her parents, that is a good sign she won’t judge you for being a stay at home son. Then, over a certain age, women get more desperate. But they’re also more likely to have an apartment.

Girls with apartments

If a girl has an apartment, try to fuck her there. This can be a good ongoing thing. One way to make this happen without having to talk about your exciting life as a stay-at-home son is, if she lives kind of far from you, meet her somewhere near her. That would make her place the most logical step.


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