Just ask her, “wanna grab a drink?” She will know that this basically means, “wanna fuck?” But this gives her a chance to meet you in a public place and see that you are 1) the person in your pictures 2) don’t seem dangerous. She can’t really say yes to a question like “wanna have sex?” because it makes her seem like a slut and you seem like a weirdo.

This is a super acceptable question to ask. They will understand that this is a date and what your intentions are. Don’t say something stupid like, “we should hang out sometime.” I had a friend who once asked some girls in his dorm, “how would you ladies like to spend a night with a Sith lord?” He was desperate enough to say anything, but didn’t know that this simple option was better.

Getting a drink is also cheaper than a dinner date. For girls under 21 do “coffee” or something. They’ll think you’re cool if you take them to a bar that doesn’t card or where you know someone and can get them in, but that’s illegal so I can’t recommend that.

I’ve never been stood up on a tinder date but sometimes she’ll back out via text the day of. She may have a real reason or just get cold feet or change her mind. You’ll have better results if you make the date soon, as in that night or the next. Try not to make plans more than 2 days away.


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