Does your employment make a difference in your Tinder results? Yes.

But it’s not everything. I saw an increase in my Tinder matches when I was teaching and listed that as my occupation. Before that, I had no occupation listed and I was a house painter. I don’t think that ever hurt me with a girl I had already matched with, but having a “respectable” occupation listed did increase matches.

In general, men view Tinder as an app for hooking up. More women than men view it as a dating app. You will note many female Tinder profiles that say “not looking for a hook up.” This will not stop most of them from hooking up with you within hours of meeting you. What this does mean, is that women will look at your job.

I don’t advocate lying┬áto girls, but it may be helpful to point out good things about your job, like with painting being self-employed. In general be positive- it’s more attractive than complaining about your job.

The takeaway should be don’t let your job (or lack of job) stop you from putting up a Tinder profile and giving it a shot. It’s easy to make excuses like, “I’ll do it when I get a better job, after I go on a diet, when I get my own place…” As a stay at home son, I don’t let anything like that stop me.


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